Why would people want their stuff to look good?



Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon BLE client e-catalogs

So what do I actually do?


I mainly photograph personal property and create an e-catalog of items for clients of Brian Lehman Evaluations in Calgary and area. BLE also hires other photographers who send me their images to edit and produce the catalog.

As Memory Message & Legacy I travel beyond Saskatchewan and Alberta and have created digital inventories for clients who have property in other Provinces and countries.



Main reasons...


Are to sell what is no longer needed (downsizing) or for estate purposes liquidating a loved one's belongings. On occasion it is to document and inventory collectibles for posterity, which I love to do most. A common one is to itemize and value personal property for insurance replacement.

What all these have in common is the desire to have valuables...look valuable. Why? So others will see value in buying, collecting, owning or sharing them. These are good ways to recycle and honor other people's stuff... Adding images and details makes documenting them more interesting and salable.

"Having all our possessions recorded with details and photographs (from 4 properties in three countries) was a godsend! My husband being ill could no longer travel. We were able to view and choose items to move from Montreal and Cuba to Ireland, while on the phone and computer ...without my husband having to leave home."
Brian & Diana James

For Brian Lehman Evaluations I email the catalog to their Estate Sale membership list. These are people who signed up to come to weekly sales that have been setup and staged in a BLE client's home. To date there are over 12,000 members. The process begins with BLE's  Canadian Certified Personal Property Appraiser coming to a client's home and valuing the items. An amazing team toss, sort, and price everything. For more details click on the icon below: